First recorded breeding record of feral Common Peacock Pavo cristatus in Africa


  • T Mario Leshoro
  • Les G Underhill
  • Bruce M Dyer


The only self-sustaining population of the Common Peafowl Pavo cristatus on the continent of Africa is on Robben Island (33°49'S, 18°22'E), Table Bay, South Africa (Hockey et al. 2005). Brooke and Prins (1986) reported 1968 as the year of introduction, based on a letter from N.H. Pietersen, of the then South African Department of Prisons. It is extremely unlikely that additional birds were taken to the island. We are not aware of any other mention of this species on Robben Island between the date of introduction and the paper by Brooke and Prins (1986). Crawford and Dyer (2000) estimated that the population size in 1999 was about 16 birds; TML estimated that the population in summer 2007/08 was c. 80 birds.


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Leshoro, T. M., Underhill, L. G., & Dyer, B. M. (2010). First recorded breeding record of feral Common Peacock <i>Pavo cristatus</i> in Africa. Biodiversity Observations, 1–2. Retrieved from




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