Bird species captured in <i>Protea roupelliae</i> woodland and their association with Protea habitats

  • Dawid H de Swardt


During a long term study on the seasonal movements of Gurney's Sugarbirds Promerops gurneyi in the Lydenburg area, Mpumalanga, sugarbirds as well as other species were captured and ringed in Protea roupelliae woodland (De Swardt 1991). Aspects of the avifauna associated with Protea woodland and the factors which affect sugarbird densities were also studied (De Swardt 1993). De Swardt (1993) listed 29 species (of 812 individuals) captured in P. roupelliae woodland between December 1986 and December 1992. The most frequently captured species were Sugarbirds, three sunbird species, Cape White-eyes Zosterops spp. and two canary species.


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