Seasonal and medium term changes in observed densities of woodland birds in Groenkloof, Pretoria

  • Vincent Parker


The changes in observed densities of bird species in a suburban environment in Groenkloof, Pretoria were monitored over five years. The populations of fourteen species were found to increase during the study period and six species were found to decrease. The Amethyst Sunbird Nectarinia amethystina was found to be predominantly a non-breeding migrant, and strong evidence for seasonal movements by part of the Karoo Thrush Turdus smithi population was produced. Daily movements in and out of the study area are described for some species, most notably the Red-collared Widowbird Euplectes ardens. The Grey-headed Bush Shrike Malaconotus blanchoti apparently became established as a resident of the suburban habitat during the study period. The medium term changes in density of woodland species were found to be on average significantly smaller than those at a rural site 100 km north of the study site.


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