Aspects of the breeding biology of Angola Swallows <i>Hirundo angolensis</i> in Uganda

  • Steven W Evans


The dimensions of three nests were measured, and the time activity-budget of a pair of Angola Swallows Hirundo angolensis were monitored at a nest at a convention centre in Uganda. Two adult Angola Swallows tending to three 5?7 day old nestlings spent the majority of their time (76.6?94.8%) away from the nest, presumably foraging. Nestlings were provisioned from 5.2 to 10.0 provisions per nestling per hour. The mean external width and depth of three Angola Swallow nests were 12.0 cm (sd=0.87 cm) and 6.9 cm (sd=0.87 cm) respectively. Compared to Blue Swallows Hirundo atrocaerulea, the pair of Angola Swallows had shorter and more frequent brooding and foraging periods per hour. Consequently these Angola Swallow nestlings were fed more frequently than Blue Swallow nestlings.


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