Report on the BioBash to Postmasburg area, Northern Cape, September 2016

  • Jerome Ainsley
  • Kerry C Fairley
  • Gary K Nicolau


The Postmasburg Biobash took place from 23-26 Septemnber 2016. The mining of iron ore is the dominant economic activity in Postmasburg area of the Northern Cape. The Gamagara Mining Corridor which stretches from Postmasburg to Hotazel is now in the development stage with significant investments and rapid expansions currently taking place. It is also an area short of biodiversity data upon which to base planning decisions. Over the weekend of the BioBash, 64 full protocol atlas checklists were completed for 55 pentads. Of these, 31 were first checklists for pentads. The Postmasburg BioBash resulted in SABAP2 coverage for the Northern Cape increasing by 0.6%. A total of 80 Virtual Museum records were also collected. Apparent range extensions were noted for a number of bird and reptile species.


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