Checklist and analysis of the birds of Namibia as at 31 January 2016

  • CJ Brown
  • Mendelsohn
  • N Thomson
  • M Boorman


A total of 676 bird species are admitted to the Namibia Bird List as at 31 January 2016. In 2014 the Namibia Bird Club established a Namibia Bird Records Committee (NBRC) to compile and maintain the Namibia Bird List ? a list of all species and subspecies of wild birds recorded in Namibia. For a species or subspecies to qualify for admittance to the List the Committee must be confident that there is unequivocal evidence of its occurrence in Namibia. The NBRC also has responsibility for establishing principles and procedures for the work of the Committee, assessing and verifying past and new records to the List, updating the list of Namibia's endemic species and subspecies, updating the list of Namibia's Red Data species, and any other reports of a related nature considered relevant by the NBRC and the Namibia Bird Club Committee. This is the first report of the NBRC.


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