Common Fiscal pecking Cape Weaver nest

  • Sue Joy Schultz


The Common Fiscal is known to prey on chicks from bird nests (Hockey et al. 2005), including weaver nests. It has not been recorded as predating Cape Weaver nests (HDO pers comms), but has robbed the nests of a similar weaver, the Southern Masked Weaver Ploceus velatus (Schoeman 1995). It is strange that the Common Fiscal was trying to rob green nests, i.e. no eggs or chicks expected in the nests. Invertebrates may be present on weaver nests, but the Common Fiscal did not appear to be feeding on the nests. It did not appear to be trying to steal nest material, although this is a possibility. The nest of the Common Fiscal is made of sticks, not green grass or reed blades, although aromatic herbs and other plant material is used as nest lining (Hockey et al. 2005).


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