A celebration of long-term involvement in citizen science: the Animal Demography Unit's Biodiversity Observer awards

  • Les G Underhill
  • H Dieter Oschadleus
  • Michael Brooks
  • Rene A Navarro
  • Sue Kuyper


The contributions of every citizen scientist to the life of the Animal Demography Unit are celebrated. On 1 December 2016, the ADU had been in existence for 25 years. There is one area in which we have seriously failed. We have never thought to make any special mention of the citizen scientists who have made an especially amazing contribution to our projects. We have a list of at least one hundred people who have been the lifeblood of our projects. Here, we are celebrating the contributions of a subset of this longer list. We are making "Biodiversity Observer" awards to 31 citizen scientists for whom the phrases "long term contribution to projects" and "deep involvement in projects" have been the watchwords.


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