Shoot the Dragons Week, Round 1: OdonataMAP grows by 1,200 records


  • Les G Underhill
  • Alan D Manson
  • Jacobus P Labuschagne
  • Ryan M Ryan M Tippett


The first "Shoot the Dragons Week" was held from Saturday 26 November to Sunday 4 December. 1,200 records were submitted by 61 participants. The database increased from 25,120 records at the beginning of Shoot the Dragons Week to 26,320 records at the end, an increase in the size of the database of 4.8%. 1,158 of the 1,200 submissions had confirmed identifications by 27 December. 1,101 records were identified to species level, and there were representatives of 116 species. There were more than 50 records for three species: Red-veined Dropwing Trithemis arteriosa had 103 records, Broad Scarlet Croceothemis erythraea had 68 and the Tropical Bluetail Ischnura senegalensis had 55. The report highlights some of the interesting records, and discusses the impact of the drought on the first Shoot the Dragons Week.


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Underhill, L. G., Manson, A. D., Labuschagne, J. P., & Ryan M Tippett, R. M. (2016). Shoot the Dragons Week, Round 1: OdonataMAP grows by 1,200 records. Biodiversity Observations, 7, 1–14. Retrieved from




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