Exploring the interplay between quantity surveyors’ conflict-handling styles and personality traits


  • Janita Verwey Nelson Mandela University https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3610-582X
  • Roy Cumberlege Nelson Mandela University
  • Gerrit Jacobus Crafford Nelson Mandela University




Construction projects are prone to conflict; thus, effective conflict management is more important than ever to avoid disputes and ensure project success. This study explores the link between conflict-handling styles and personality traits used by clients’ quantity surveyors in South Africa. The study used an online web survey based on how clients’ quantity surveyors dealt with conflict according to their personality traits. The population of this study included registered professional quantity surveyors and candidate quantity surveyors. The most common way of dealing with conflict and the most dominant personality trait among quantity surveying professionals were determined using descriptive statistics. A Spearman rank correlation analysis was subsequently conducted to establish whether there was a link between management of conflict and personality traits. The collaborating style was primarily used as a conflict management style by quantity surveyors, while the most common personality trait amongst client's quantity surveyors was Conscientiousness. Generally, most of the conflict-handling styles do not significantly interplay with personality traits. However, a collaborating conflict-handling style was found to have a negative correlation with the neuroticism personality trait. Also, the accommodating conflict handling style positively correlates with the agreeableness personality trait, and the avoiding conflict handling style correlates with the neuroticism personality trait. Quantity surveying firms will benefit from this information regarding their employees' conflict-handling styles and personalities by training professionals on managing conflict successfully by combining their personalities with the appropriate style. The focus on registered and candidate quantity surveyors was a limitation of the study, as other construction professionals could add value to the study. Further studies may include conflict-handling styles from a contractors’ quantity surveyor’s perspective.

Keywords: Conflict-handling styles, Construction Industry,  Personality, Quantity Surveyors




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Verwey, J., Cumberlege, R., & Crafford, G. J. (2023). Exploring the interplay between quantity surveyors’ conflict-handling styles and personality traits. Journal of Construction Business and Management, 6(2), 38–49. https://doi.org/10.15641/jcbm.6.2.1256




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