Influence of the Management Styles and Quality of Management on Project Delivery


  • Olatunji A Aiyetan Durban University of Technology, Durban, South Africa.



Construction projects differ in features and complexity to each passing decade. Therefore, control is a fundamental requirement to avoid overruns of key performance parameters. The study aims to identify influencing factors of management practices and quality of management during construction on project delivery time to mitigate their impact. The inferential statistic was used in the analysis of data for the study. The sample population consists of architects; builders; quantity surveyors; structural engineers, and clients, totalling eighty-eight (88). The metropolitan cities of five provinces constituted the geographical delimitation of the study. The provinces are Eastern Cape; Free State; Gauteng; KwaZulu-Natal, and Western Cape, while the metropolitan cities are Bloemfontein; Cape Town; Durban; Johannesburg, and Port Elizabeth. The probability sampling method was employed in the selection of architects, South African property owner's, and masters builders. While stratified sampling was used for quantity surveyors. A questionnaire survey was conducted among these stakeholders in the Building Construction Industry to access influencing factors of management style and quality of management during construction. Finding relative to management style include that set time limits, specify goals people are to accomplish and require regular reporting on progress and for quality of management during construction are effectively coordinating resources, developing an appropriate organizational structure to maintain workflow influences project delivery time  In most cases these tradesmen require supervision construction, which results in delay and attending, may drastically reduce delay on projects. Based on the finding of the study, ways to mitigate poor management style and quality of management during construction were suggested.

Keywords: Construction, Delivery time, Management style, Quality.


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