Awareness and Usage of Environmental Waste Management Practices (EWMP) of Contractors on construction sites.


  • O. J. Oladiran University of Lagos
  • A. A. Bayewun
  • A. M. Aderogba



Construction wastes pose challenges to contractors and clients of construction projects globally, with significant negative consequences on the environment. This study investigates the environmental waste management practices (EWMPs) of contractors on construction sites. The objectives are to determine the level of awareness and adoption of EWMPs. The population of the study was construction professionals on sites in Lagos State, Nigeria. Random sampling technique was used to select 63 companies out of the 126 construction companies in categories C, D and E of firms registered with Lagos State Public Procurement Agency. The targeted respondents were construction professionals in the selected companies. Questionnaires were used to collect data from respondents. Descriptive statistics tools, including mean, percentage and frequency were used for analysis. The study's findings reveal that contractors are aware of about 28 out of the 47 EWMPs identified from literature. These include good site materials storage, ordering exact amount of materials and checking deliveries properly. It also reveals the strategies that are not used as belonging to material exchange/recyclers' association, polluter pays principle, usage of self-contained mini or mobile concrete crusher. It is concluded that although contractors are aware of 28 EWMPs, 26 EWMPs are used on construction sites which are 60% and 55%, respectively. It implies that awareness determines the usage of the EWMPs. The implication is that if the awareness of EWMPs is increased, the implementation among construction contractors will be improved. It is therefore recommended that professionals should increase their awareness and usage of neglected EWMPs. This can be achieved through construction firms, governments and institutions sponsoring training of professionals on EWMPs. Additionally, polluter pays principle and recyclers’ association should be enforced in project implementations. This can be achieved through government legislation and government regulatory policies for project procurements.
Keywords: Awareness; Best practices; Construction sites; Nigeria; Waste management.




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Oladiran, O. J., Bayewun, A. A., & Aderogba, A. M. (2021). Awareness and Usage of Environmental Waste Management Practices (EWMP) of Contractors on construction sites. Journal of Construction Business and Management, 5(1), 17–27.