• Journal of African Real Estate Research

    The Journal of African Real Estate Research (JARER), ISSN: 2304-8395, is the official refereed journal of the African Real Estate Society (AfRES). JARER is an open access journal hosted by the Urban Real Estate Research Unit at the University of Cape Town. The journal aims to understand African real estate markets; including their structure and workings; and the nature and impacts of efforts that seek to reform them.

  • Journal of Construction Business and Management

    The Journal of Construction Business and Management (JCBM) is an open access journal  indexed by the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and is published bi-annually by the University of Cape Town Libraries in South Africa. The Journal is hosted by the Construction Business and Management Research Group of the University of Cape Town. JCBM aims to explore the experience of construction industry stakeholders and trends in the global system.

  • Southern Journal of Engineering Education

    The Southern Journal of Engineering Education (SJEE) is a scholarly forum for the publication of original research that is relevant to the international engineering education community. The journal is ‘southern’ in that it values critical perspectives on the unique challenges facing engineering education in South Africa and the Global South. The SJEE is an open-access publication that promotes the development of high-quality scholarship through a supportive peer-review process.

    While the journal particularly values empirical investigations, other forms of research (such as papers exploring theoretical perspectives or methodological approaches, review papers, as well as practice-oriented articles) will be considered. Furthermore, while critical perspectives from the Global South are the main interest, papers that deal with wider international or intercultural dimensions, of interest to our readership, could also be appraised for publication. In this sense, the Global South should not be considered in solely geographical terms but as a counterpoint to dominant perspectives from the Global North.


  • UR@UCT: Undergraduate Research

    UR@UCT journal publishes excellent undergraduate research that has been mentored by a supervisor. The journal will publish two issues annually as well as, if, the need arises, a special issue on a specific topic. UR@UCT is an open access journal that is easily discoverable by all search engines, making UCT's undergraduate research available to an international audience.

  • Afrotropical Bird Biology:
    Journal of the Natural History of African Birds

    Afrotropical Bird Biology (ABB), ISSN: 2790-0592, is a free, open-access, online journal for articles that describe aspects of the natural and cultural history of birds in the Afrotropical region, including its offshore islands. These include, but are not restricted to, identification features, sounds, distribution and demography, movements, habitats, diseases and parasites, general habits, foraging and food, breeding, interactions with humans, human cultural beliefs and practices as they pertain to birds, moult and biometrics of birds. 

  • Global Health Innovation

    Global Health Innovation is an electronic, peer-reviewed open access journal published bi-annually by the University of Cape Town Libraries. The journal has the mission of advancing and disseminating interdisciplinary knowledge on all aspects of social and technological innovation for improved health and healthcare, with an emphasis on research addressing developing settings and with a developmental focus. The journal is the product of a partnership between Northwestern University, the University of Lagos, the University of Ibadan, and the University of Cape Town, and its development has been supported by a grant from the NIH-Fogarty International Center (D43TW009374).

  • Biodiversity Observations

    Biodiversity Observations is an Open Access ejournal which focuses on the publication of descriptive papers which report observations relating to biodiversity. There is a summary of the activities of the journal for the period 2010-2022 here.