Welcome to the first issue of the Journal of Construction Business and Management (JCBM). It is the outcome of many months of preparation involving, reviews and counter-reviews aimed at helping students and academics get important feedback on their research and also to produce quality research articles to the research community and construction industry. The journal’s ideology stems from a thinking that there is a link between business and management theory which guide construction practice and performance. This first issue, therefore, marks the beginning of significant contribution to knowledge in all areas relevant to construction practice, performance and problems within the built environment through the lens of business and management principles. I wish to thank all authors who submitted papers for consideration in the first issue, some of which are still undergoing review to be published in subsequent issues. Also, I wish to thank members of the Editorial Board and Panel of Reviewers for their assistance, timeous feedback and comments that helped shape and improve the quality of the submitted manuscripts. Knowledge and skills required to manage construction projects efficiently and effectively can be established through research and observation and categorized and used to educate, train and socialize construction professionals, who like other professionals should be socially responsible. It is also important that professionals are aware of the challenges in the project environment. Fittingly, we publish in this issue five papers that look at sustainability, construction management, practice and performance within the built environment. The scholarly articles report the role of management in changing the perception of workers regarding Health and Safety on construction sites; managing the factors responsible for changes in building construction costs; identifying critical success factors that determine the performance outcome of building maintenance projects; evaluating the coastal hazards, risks and environmental challenges to urban development from the dynamics of a Peninsula; and an approach for relating material waste to cost overrun at the pre-contract and post-contract stages of a project. I encourage you to read these informative articles. Finally, the editors are happy to receive feedback on how to deliver a better service to the authors, readers, and subscribers that will result in the overall improvement of the journal.

Abimbola Windapo PhD


Author Biography

Abimbola Windapo, University of Cape Town

Dr Abimbola Windapo is an Associate Professor at the Dept of Construction Economics & Management, University of Cape Town, with more than 28 years of experience in the construction field. She is a Registered Construction Project Manager with the SA Council for the Project & Construction Management Profession (SACPCMP) and Registered Builder with CORBON. Her research focus is in the area of construction industry development, business & project managemnt from a performance & practice perspective.



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Windapo, A. (2017). Editorial. Journal of Construction Business and Management, 1(1). https://doi.org/10.15641/jcbm.1.1.86




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