About the Journal

The Journal of African Real Estate Research (JARER) is the official refereed journal of the African Real Estate Society (AfRES). JARER (ISSN: 2304-8395) is an open access journal hosted by the Urban Real Estate Research Unit at the University of Cape Town.

The Journal of African Real Estate Research does not charge any type of Article Processing Charge (APC) or any type of article submission charge.

Journal Objectives:
The journal aims to understand African real estate markets, including their structure and workings, and the nature and impacts of efforts that seek to reform them. In this context, real estate markets are taken to include different components of the built environment, including planning, funding and development, construction, management, ownership and occupation.
In addition, the journal highlights the role and importance of real estate markets in Africa in contributing to: 

  • Real Estate Investment Trusts;
  • Property and Economic Development;
  • Transformation in the Real Estate Sector;
  • Provision of Affordable Housing;
  • Real Estate Legislation and Policy Discourse;
  • PropTech or Real Estate Technology;
  • Equitable Land Management;
  • Innovation in Property Development;
  • Growth of Urban and National economies;
  • Maturity of Property Markets;
  • Market Studies;
  • Financial Sector Development; and
  • Sustainable Real Estate Development and Management.

The journal's aim is supported by providing a forum for debate and the dissemination of research on the key issues relating to the above issues via:

  • The publication of research papers based on the results of completed research projects or programmes;
  • Notes on ongoing or proposed research programmes;
  • Reviews of relevant books; and
  • Letters commenting on papers and contributions previously published or on other matters of relevance.

As well as contributing to the development of the real estate research community in Africa and enabling discourse and dialogue between researchers engaged on research into real estate issues in Africa, the journal will also be used as a means of ensuring that African governments and policy-makers are made aware of the latest thought leadership and research on these issues.

To this end, papers that have a strong policy emphasis, either in analysing the impact of existing polices or putting forward proposals for appropriate policies, are strongly welcomed. Additionally, papers that address these issues in the context of Africa - at a local, national and regional basis, or on a comparative international basis - are invited for submission to the journal.

All papers will be subjected to a double-blind (peer review) referring process. Referees will be drawn from an expert Editorial Board, selected both for their knowledge of African real estate issues and for their knowledge of current real estate research.