Editorial Team

The journal Editor-in-Chief is Dr Abel Olaleye from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. He is supported by an Editorial Board who serves as the journal's reviewers and who provide detailed comments on papers submitted for publication. The members of the Editorial Board are:

Prof. Abel Olaleye
Obafemi Awolowo University

Email: aolaleye@oauife.edu.ng

Associate Editor
Assoc. Prof. Aly Karam
University of Witwatersrand
South Africa

Email: aly.karam@wits.ac.za

Research interests: housing affordability, informal housing, informal economy, sustainable real estate


Journal Manager
Lesedi Kgaka
University of Cape Town
South Africa

Email: Lesedi.Kgaka@uct.ac.za

Research interests: workspaces, urban land economics, corporate real estate, housing


Editorial Board

Dr Rotimi Abidoye
UNSW Sydney

Email: r.abidoye@unsw.edu.au

Research interests: property valuation, property valuation accuracy, property theory and practice, housing supply


Assoc. Prof. Kwame Addae-Dapaah
University College London
United Kingdom

Email: k.addae-dapaah@ucl.ac.uk


Assoc. Prof. Kola Akinsomi
University of Witwatersrand
South Africa

Email: Kola.Akinsomi@wits.ac.za


Dr Abdul-Rasheed Amidu
University of Auckland
New Zealand

Email: a.amidu@auckland.ac.nz


Dr Steven C. Bourassa
University of Washington
United States of America

Email: sbour22@uw.edu 

Research interests: housing markets, housing policy, land policy, property taxation


Dr Daniel Ibrahim Dabara
Oxford Brookes University
United Kingdom

Email: idaniel@brookes.ac.uk 

Research interests: reits, valuation, real estate investment and finance, land tenure


Assoc. Prof. (Emerita) Karen Gibler
Georgia State University
United States of America

Email: kgibler@gsu.edu

Research interestshousing, corporate real estate management


Dr Robert Home
Anglia Ruskin University
United Kingdom

Email: robert.home@anglia.ac.uk


Dr Thies Lindenthal
Cambridge University
United Kingdom

Email: htl24@cam.ac.uk

Research interests: long-term investment performance, big data, applied machine learning


Prof. Vida Maliene
Liverpool John Moore's University & Vytautas Magnus University
United Kingdom & Lithuania

Email: V.Maliene@ljmu.ac.uk


Assoc. Prof. Kathy Michell
University of Cape Town
South Africa

Email: kathy.michell@uct.ac.za

Research interests: facilities management, property management, sustainability


Assoc. Prof. Manya Mooya
University of Cape Town
South Africa

Email: manya.mooya@uct.ac.za 

Research interests: real estate valuation, real estate market analysis, real estate education, philosophy of science


Agnes Mwasumbi
Ardhi University

Email: anmwasumbi@yahoo.ca


Prof. Anupam Nanda
University of Manchester
United Kingdom

Email: anupam.nanda@manchester.ac.uk 

Research interests: real estate finance, urban economics, house pricing, esg


Prof. Graeme Newell
University of Western Sydney

Email: g.newell@westernsydney.edu.au

Research interests: real estate investments, reits, real estate fund management, international real estate


Dr Timothy Tunde Oladokun
Obafemi Awolowo University

Email:  toladokun@oauife.edu.ng 

Research interests: corporate real estate management, facility management, housing, real estate education


Prof. Karl-Werner Schulte
Regensburg University

Email: karl-werner.schulte@irebs.de


Prof. Robert A. Simons 
Cleveland State University
United States of America

Email: r.simons@csuohio.edu 

Research interests: environmental contamination, housing markets, driverless cars, sustainable real estate


Assoc. Prof. François Viruly
University of Cape Town
South Africa

Email: francois.viruly@uct.ac.za

Research interests: urban land economics, behavioural economics, sustainability, esg


Prof. Yung Yau
Lingnan University
Hong Kong

Email: yungyau@ln.edu.hk

Research interests: affordable housing, property management, urban regeneration, green buildings


All papers will be subjected to a double-blind (peer review) refereeing process. Referees will be drawn from an expert Editorial Board, selected for their knowledge of African real estate issues and their understanding of current real estate research.