A Performance Assessment of Local Authorities in Managing Public Housing in Ghana


  • Samson B. Aziabah University for Development Studies




Performance Assessment, Local Authorities, Management, Public Housing, Ghana


The level of maintenance and the condition of public housing has been a significant concern for tenants and housing researchers alike. The state of public housing is often a reflection of its local authority managers and the policy that surrounds it. This paper assesses the performance of local authorities in the management of public housing in Ghana. Data was collected through interviews with local authority housing officers and tenants as well as a small sample survey of tenants. The performance of the authorities mentioned above was measured by three factors; adequacy (house types and quantity), decency (maintenance and satisfaction with maintenance), and affordability (rent levels). The paper concludes that the current state of Ghanaian public housing, when measured against its mandate to provide adequate, decent and affordable housing to beneficiary government workers is substandard due to underperforming local authorities (LAs). The paper suggests that rent policy should be reviewed to empower LAs to self-determine and collect rent. Rents in the public housing sector should be reviewed to realistic levels so that they may generate funds for maintenance. Housing policy should institute internal and external mechanisms to monitor the performance of LAs in the management of public housing.


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Aziabah, S. B. (2018). A Performance Assessment of Local Authorities in Managing Public Housing in Ghana. Journal of African Real Estate Research, 3(1), 39–60. https://doi.org/10.15641/jarer.v1i1.553



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