Challenges to Land Registration in Kaduna State, Nigeria

  • Chukwuma C Nwuba Kaduna Polytechnic
  • Siddique R. Nuhu
Keywords: Land Market, Land Title Registration, Land Tenure Formalisation, Security of Tenure, Title Registration, Nigeria


Nigeria’s land registration programmes are beset with challenges. The linkage between land, the government and the people create a complex system with unique obstacles. This research investigates the challenges of land registration in Nigeria with an in-depth study of Kaduna State. The objective is to ascertain the frequency of land registration and the factors that stand as challenges to it from the perspectives of households, consultants in land transactions, and the Kaduna Geographic Information System (KADGIS). The results indicate a low level of land registration in which challenges include ignorance, affordability problems, inefficient registration processes, corruption, and inadequate skilled workforce with the human capital to implement the programmes. The research has implications for both land and housing markets in Nigeria and throughout Africa.


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Nwuba, C. C., & Nuhu, S. R. (2018). Challenges to Land Registration in Kaduna State, Nigeria. Journal of African Real Estate Research, 3(1), 141-172.
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